The success of our camp is due to the vital role played by our staff, which is why we go to great lengths to find the most dedicated and experienced counselors. A more experienced staff ensures a warmer, nurturing environment for our campers, which is essential to a positive camp experience. Camp activities are led by specialists in their field.

Our athletic personnel are fun, safety oriented coaches, teachers, and college level players who, through their expert instructional skills, make the program age and developmentally appropriate. Our "hands-on" approach provides an opportunity for Chateaugay staff to attain an awareness that allows them to recognize each child's needs.


Our team knows when a child is in need of encouragement, reassurance, or the extra hug that you would give if you were there.

Camp Chateaugay has a very high return rate of staff year after year. A larger alumni staff base gives our campers a greater sense of family, which they look forward to every summer. Each applicant must complete first year of college or university, and have experience working with children, in order to be qualified for a position at our camp. We interview each prospective employee, and carry out reference and background checks.



Unit Leaders

Unit leaders are senior staff members who, quite often, are also teachers and parents. Their role is to ensure the health, and social well being of every camper. They monitor and track each camper to ensure proper hygiene, and that our kids are having a safe, fun filled summer. Answering directly to the Camp Director, the senior staff meets daily with the Director and camp owners, to review important events and matters concerning the children. Our unit leaders live in private quarters that are connected to camper cabins. This keeps unit leaders involved and available to provide our staff and campers with additional support.


Staff Development

Staff training and development is one of our chief priorities at Camp Chateaugay. Through hands-on workshops, and interactive seminars during our 8 day pre-camp, we provide our people with modern and progressive child care concepts. The training seminars include topics on safety, health, and appropriate camper interaction, to help prepare our staff for the world of summer camp. We give our qualified, experienced team the tools to make a Chateaugay camp experience a safe, fun-filled and happy environment for kids.