Our Summer Camp: Hard to Spell, Easy to Love

Imagine a summer camp in the Adirondacks that combines all of this every single day:

  • Unmatched beauty of our north shore location on one of the great Adirondack Lakes
  • Self-discovery that starts with exceptional counselors and instructors
  • Delight that comes from realizing previously unknown talents and skills
  • Adventure that comes from trying brand new things with lots of support

Imagine all this happening, when all you expected was a great time:

  • Together we build a sense of real community, beginning with sportsmanship
  • Together we create a secure and supportive environment, based on mutual respect
  • Together we form warm and lasting friendships . . . because we’re really nice

And that great time you expected happens every day.


Location, Location, Location - Ours Is Quite Special

For our campers, Camp Chateaugay represents a truly exciting journey to a very special place.

For our campers and staff, Camp Chateaugay is sacred land:

  • Your child does not have to cross a road to get to our lake
  • Camp's lakefront is a quarter mile with an additional mile (+) of forever wild lakeshore
  • Camp is safely located right on the lakeshore
  • Secluded location keeps campers safe

It starts with playing in the sunshine.  Then it becomes part of your life.

When people search for a summer camp, they often hear a lot about Camp Spirit.

Whether or not a parent remembers the almost magical appearance of Camp Spirit in their own lives, we can assure you that here, we do our part to make it happen every summer:

  • Traditional games, campfires, camp celebrations – to create indelible memories
  • Bonding across age groups, genders and nationalities – to encourage friendship
  • Continuous surprises – from wacky traditions to spontaneous dining hall craziness