Staff FAQs


So you want to be a counselor?

What should you expect?

  • To have one of the most memorable summers of your life.
  • To expend more energy than you have since you were 4 years old.
  • To put the needs of your campers ahead of your own.
  • To do some things that you would never be caught dead doing in any public place.
  • To wonder why you ever wanted to be a counselor in the first place.
  • To laugh and remember what it means to truly be yourself.
  • To work closely with people who may have viewpoints different than your own.
  • To have an experience that other people may not relate to once you return home.


  • To make mistakes.
  • To make friends that you will never forget.
  • To be exhausted at times and to work very hard.
  • To do things you never thought you would be able to do.
  • To push yourself and grow as a person.
  • To learn from the kids.
  • To feel like you have done your share and still be expected to do more.
  • To cry when you leave.


What things should you not expect?

  • To have a lot of privacy or time by yourself.
  • To be on Vacation.
  • To always receive praise and thanks for what you do even though you deserve it.
  • To eat a quite, leisurely meal.
  • To have camp be a 9 to 5 job.

What types of counselors are we looking for?

Camp Chateaugay is a unique camp that hires staff members to work as counselors with a specific specialty in mind. Our campers have an opportunity to choose a schedule that fits their needs and we strive to have a staff that can provide an exceptional learning environment for them. In order to do this, counselors teach a specialty for six periods every day. Areas of instruction include (but are not limited to) swimming, tennis, soccer, basketball, archery, rock climbing, gymnastics, baseball, arts and crafts, water-skiing, canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, sailing, lacrosse, volleyball, floor hockey, drama and music. After a full day of instruction, counselors then enjoy dinner and evening activities with their campers and the rest of camp. Counselors also sleep in the cabin with their campers before getting up the next day to do it all again. We are looking for counselors who can teach others with patience, energy and enthusiasm. Camp Chateaugay has a long spirit of tradition with songs, love and laughter. We feel it is a special place for campers and counselors alike and we hope you will join us for a summer full of memories that will last a lifetime!!