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Dear Prospective Staff,

Thank you for your interest in Camp Chateaugay. Our camp is unique and we strive to be the best experience for both campers and staff. Our wide geographic mix, individual scheduling and instruction, and caring staff create memories for a lifetime for all.

Our staff training begins in mid June, and our campers arrive towards the end of June. There are five 24 hour days off during the summer, and our staff often goes to nearby Montreal, Quebec, Burlington, Vermont, or Lake Placid, New York for days off. All are within an hour and a half from camp.

We are anxious to get your application so please review the material, fill out our application and we will review it as soon as it arrives via email. To ensure its arrival, please call us within 48 hours to follow up at 1-800-487-3866.

Camp Chateaugay
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Or fax to: 514-369-6493

I will be back in contact with you soon. New York State Law require that we get written references so please include address and phone numbers with your references. Also please send a copy of any certification cards. As a final process of hiring we will be doing national background checks.


Hal Lyons

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References are an important part of our consideration of your application and we ask that you supply the names of three individuals who may be contacted for this purpose. Please select individuals that have first hand knowledge of your experience and skill level in the activities which you previously listed as your preferences. If applicable, we would prefer you provide the name(s) of your immediate supervisors in organizations working or associating with children. Each reference should include the name of the organization for which you worked, the address and the telephone number, along with the name of the individual to be contacted. Please briefly describe your relationship with this person and describe your responsibilities, the age group with whom you worked, dates of employment, salary, and any other pertinent information. These individuals will be contacted in order to help us get a sense of you and your qualifications for the position at Camp Chateaugay.


Do you currently have American Red Cross, YMCA/YWCA, or American Heart Instructor Certification in the following area?

I hereby state that the foregoing information is truthful and accurate and is to be considered an integral part of any contract I may enter into for employment at Camp Chateaugay.

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