New Parent: Overview


You have a choice to make, we think ours is a very good one!

The Most Important Reason To Choose A Camp

Camp Chateaugay is an incredible collection of activities and facilities, as are many camps.

But this camp is really all about people

  • Campers from all over (including other countries) who become new and lasting friends
  • Counselors and specialists who become new mentors – “older brothers and sisters”
  • Owners who get right in there and lead the way to a summer of fun and adventure

Camp Chateaugay is located in the scenic and pristine Adirondacks.


When children make this journey, they feel special

  • They’ve done more to get here than it may take to arrive at other camps.
  • Our “end-of-odyssey” locale begins to stand for everything that makes Camp Chateaugay truly unique.
  • The journey continues as we challenge our campers with traditional outdoor experiences that they never forget.

Campers learn all sorts of skills – but perhaps the most important are the “people skills” of friendship, cooperation and acceptance. Perhaps their backhand is improved or they learned some new moves on the court – but they have also learned more about respect for each other and for the world in which we live. We like to think that our campers come home as different people.

Some of our Chateaugay Families!