Our Staff

Learn how we train our staff


Our superb leadership team members are really the foundation of the camp.

How We Find These Superstars of Camping

  • Applicants go through an extensive interview process.
  • They must have impressive experience working with children
  • They must have incredible experience teaching the activity or sport they are hired for
  • We interview each candidate and ask those tough questions
  • We conduct thorough background checks


How We Prepare to Work With Campers

  • 8 days of intensive pre-camp staff training
  • Hands-on workshops and interactive seminars
  • Modern, progressive concepts in child care and motivation
  • Topics include safety, health, staff-camper interactions, camper-camper interactions, bully free zones
  • Staff becomes ready with tools to create a safe, fun-filled, happy and meaningful environment


How We Make The Campers' Journey Worthwhile

  • The success of camp is the success of our staff
  • We find the most dedicated and experienced people out there
  • Their experience creates a warmer, more nurturing environment
  • They know just when it’s time for encouragement, reassurance or an extra hug
  • Counselors become “older brothers and sisters” for campers
  • Activities are led by specialists in their field
  • Athletic coaches create a fun environment while teaching skills


How We Ensure Good Staff Communication

  • Unit leaders are often parents and teachers themselves
  • They ensure the health and well-being of every camper
  • They track camper satisfaction – and even monitor their hygiene
  • Senior staff meets daily with head staff and owners/directors
  • We have more staff in the cabins
  • Unit leaders live in private quarters connected to camper cabins


 What Happens As A Result Of All This?

  • The campers feel the thrill of making the journey here
  • They bond into a tightly knit community
  • The staff love what they do and they see the results
  • Staff members return year after year
  • The campers recognize the loyalty of staffers – and they love it