Fun Is Why We're Here – But Health Comes First


For Us Good Health Is Both Physical And Emotional

  • Dialogue with parents is vitally important, before and during the camp season
  • We want to know all about our campers
  • Our cabin counselors and Unit Leaders carefully monitor hygiene, cabin cleanliness and social happiness
  • Safety is of paramount importance and our constant supervision assures both us and you
  • Our medical staff includes 24/7 on-premises nurses (3 RN’s) and a rotating group of MD’s (and a doctor living on site)


Homesickness May Happen - But Very, Very Briefly

  • It is a normal occurrence – and it will pass quickly
  • You should reassure your child about this before camp begins
  • The key to shaking off homesickness is keeping busy – and we do
  • Another key to feeling at home is making lots of new friends – and we do
  • Our staff is well-trained in nurturing and guiding a homesick camper
  • We will keep you informed of this – and we will call to tell you the homesickness has passed

When we pour all that attention on our people - we want to keep them healthy.