Chatagram February 2017


Hello Camp Family,

I trust everyone is doing well and making the most of these winter months. I know many of you have been off skiing and snowboarding, playing basketball, volleyball and swimming on swim teams. Others have been excelling in school, practicing musical instruments and generally chilling with family and friends. That’s all good, but I miss you and I’m happy to announce that Spring is in the air which means one thing to me… SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER!

Hal, Lynn, Katka, Dylan and I have been working diligently to get ready for another out-standing summer at camp… CHATEAUGAY 2017! There are going to be some new and exciting things happening this summer.

Let’s talk about evening activities. Dylan has been hard at work organizing a new bunk night activity for our older campers, A Murder Mystery Dinner Party, where everyone must work together to figure out who committed the crime.

We’re also having DJ Yahney (a professional DJ), with lasers, a smoke machine, stage light-ing and great sound system to have our epic end of the summer social.

We also have an awesome new addition to our tripping program for our younger campers.

Joel and Steve from maintenance have been building a campground in Camp Chateaugay’s own back country. The new outpost is a great place to have overnight camp outs with a fire pit for campfires. It’s a fun way to introduce outdoor camping to our campers all while safe-ly located our own property.

I hope that gives you a sneak peek at some of the fun that is coming your way this summer.

Thankfully it’s only a few short months away. The summer is going to be here before we know it and we will be ready. How about you???

Much Love,

News News News!!!

Mitch and Hal visited Theo Applebaum in the hospital this past week. He’s on the mend from the rare stroke he suffered back in November. It was so wonderful seeing him and the remarkable recovery he’s making. He’s really grateful for the outpouring of love and support he has received from many of his camp friends. His goal is to be a camper this summer and are all hoping for his return.


Joel is updating the Lower HQ by Pillbox. This will now be the WELCOMING place for camp visitors and Lynn and Katka's new administrative office. We are excited for the improvement.


Gymnastics - Brand new state of the art uneven bars have been ordered and will raise the bar in gymnastics.


Our head staff are almost all returning. We are all so excited.  For Ceramics some of you might remember Derek Frey. He worked with Amanda several years ago and now as an art teacher, he can not stay away. We are excited to have him back and taking over the ceramics department.

Do not worry, Amanda Scotto has not left us. She is Chateaugay's new Head Counselor. Amanda is very much looking forward to her new roll. This is a com-pletely new position for Camp Chateaugay. Kira Reed will be back as head Unit Leader and Adam Hampton will be returning as well.


Herbert Dingle will be taking over the dance department. He is an unbelievable skilled dancer. Herbert works in Florida as a dance instructor during the off sea-son and will be bringing his strong dance skills to Chateaugay. Herbert will also be involved with the shows helping choreograph them.


Mitch is very excited for his new roll at Chateaugay and has been working very hard meeting with new families and connecting with old camp families. If any returning families would like to speak or meet Mitch, feel free to contact him.

Mitch can be reached directly at 954-540-5311.


Camp had great snow cover until this recent warm weather. Joel is talking about starting some of the outside projects as soon as the first of March.

-Word from Lynn-

Please check the Green Information Book on our website

for information on booking the escorted flights and other travel that will be updated in early March.

Please keep in mind that all the other forms for campers are due by June 1st for 1st session and July 1st for 2nd session. These are:

Medical form Meningitis form CamperInformation form
Travel form Internet Policy Parent/Camper Agreement

All these forms (apart from Medical form which has to be sent in via mail or email) can be submitted online at your Bunk1 account. The Travel form can be newly re-submitted if needed.

Also, please remember that 50% tuition payments were due January 20th and the remaining balance is due April 20th.

You may...


Hal met with Logan Williams Skiing at Catamount ski area

Hal met with Logan Williams Skiing at Catamount ski area
Mitch and Hal visiting Joel at snowy camp.

Mitch and Hal visiting Joel at snowy camp.


Mitch has been busy zooming around the USA and other places like Paris and Milan visiting our current, potential and even former campers. One of them being Silvia Lopez Jorrin who is a former camper and staff member. If you would like Mitch to pay you a not hesitate to let him know at

Weeeee Welcome You To Chateaugay, We Mighty Glad You’re Here...

Sing along with us to welcome new girls and boys joining us at Chateaugay for their first time! WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL!!!

  • Daniel Kalichman
  • Alexander Pfistner
  • Sarah Karoff
  • Ella-Sophie Ballard
  • Savonno Lyons
  • Isabelle Abramovitch
  • Diego Zuloaga
  • Nia Cove
  • Chenkai Shen
  • Rachel Korenblit
  • Julia De Miguel
  • Matthew Kelley
  • Alexander Cheyney
  • Joshua Pfistner
  • Ari Arbel
  • Luka Curic
  • Jaylen Jackson
  • Axel Johnson
  • Henri Fiszel
  • Miles Bakal
  • CoCo Pasker
  • Arielle Korenblit
  • Cade Rutkoske
  • Almudena Poveda
  • Vincent Zhou
  • Lauren Karoff
  • Kira Arbel
  • Brooke Forshpan
  • Emily Abramovitch
  • Lily Johnson
  • Leo Fiszel
  • Fisher Bakal
  • Jack Becker
  • Ava Keenan
  • Adam Rustin
  • Inaki Poveda


  • Emilie Abitbol 1/24
  • Estelle Anderson 1/8
  • Danna Banks 1/28
  • Alexandra Belitzky 1/10
  • Olivia Berreby 1/10
  • Iris Fernandez 1/31
  • Pablo Frej 1/12
  • Rafael Gontchenkov 1/21
  • Kathryn Gonzalez 1/20
  • Samantha Green 1/30
  • Daniel Israel 1/30
  • Aleksandra Klimentov 1/19
  • Samuel Koenig 1/7
  • Julia Mazzitelli 1/11
  • Jacey Mordkin 1/9
  • Lex Quintos 1/6
  • Zoe Ringel 1/2
  • Matthew Rothman 1/21
  • Chloe Thomas 1/29
  • Bailey Watson 1/8
  • Mason Albert 2/4
  • Skye Battino 2/10
  • Sienna Berreby 2/21
  • Cordell Dias 2/16
  • Sophia Foohey 2/12
  • Lucas Gold 2/5
  • Sarah Karoff 2/17
  • Benjamin Klein 2/15
  • Eva Levin 2/18
  • Angelo Marciszewer 2/29
  • Mina Petracca 2/15
  • Andrea Rispoli 2/5
  • Kyle Rosen 2/19
  • Allison Rosenoff 2/25
  • Natalie Rosenstein 2/23
  • Joshua Roumieu 2/16
  • Elliot Smiley 2/15
  • Dylan Stachtiaris 2/7
  • Molly Stern 2/4
  • Benjamin Wein 2/3
  • Ella White 2/4
  • Paden Zahn 2/13


  • Jonathan Akar 3/30
  • Madison Anderson 3/4
  • Zoe Avraamides 3/31
  • Miles Bakal 3/22
  • Adam Belitzky 3/11
  • Mary Katherine Blum 3/11
  • Alexandra Bornstein 3/12
  • Erik Brauer 3/11
  • Lucas Calvo 3/27
  • Bretton Carter-Charland 3/26
  • Alvaro Claveria 3/4
  • Samantha Cohen 3/26
  • Sebastian Cole 3/12
  • Nathan Colin De Verdiere 3/23
  • Paige Dalrymple 3/1
  • Julia De Miguel 3/24
  • Noa Deutsch 3/6
  • Valerie Dreyfuss 3/16
  • Mackenzie Kopp 3/11
  • Allison Lande 3/26
  • Jordan Levitt 3/26
  • Ezra Marks 3/16
  • Justin Mendel 3/30
  • Jack Minor 3/12
  • Molly O'Neill 3/7
  • Chloe Papaconstantinou 3/19
  • Coco Pasker 3/11
  • Chloe Pfeiffer 3/4
  • Josie Pines 3/14
  • Adele Plassard 3/15
  • Kolman Puterman 3/18
  • Anya Renzi 3/9
  • Julia Schreiber 3/2
  • Morgan Schultz 3/11
  • Madison Schultz 3/11
  • Joshua Simon 3/19
  • Jagger Stachtiaris 3/31
  • Lily Trestan 3/25


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