Teen Program


Teenagers Are Unique,
So We Create the Programs to Match.

Northern Lights (True Fun with a Goal)

  • Northern Lights campers continue to build on lifelong friendships
  • They sharpen their own self-esteem and social skills
  • They bond around a special project that benefits the entire camp
  • The unit project creates a true sense of satisfaction and belonging
  • Participating campers truly lead the rest of the camp with spirit and maturity
  • They are role models for other campers and become Big Brothers and Big Sisters to new campers
  • Their Northern Lights experience helps to prepare them for the Wilderness Program


Northern Lights can include incredible trip experiences, such as:

  • Multi-day backpacking and canoe trips
  • White water rafting
  • Mountain biking around Lake Placid
  • Great Escape Water Park

Camp Chateaugay is really about the people. Once campers make the journey to Camp Chateaugay, they wait for the day they can make that special "journey" in Northern Lights.




about_teen_program_6.jpgThe Wilderness Program

Imagine a unit set totally apart from the rest of camp, with a special sign at the gate that says:

Wilderness is a group of people living together and working together, sharing good times and bad times. Wilderness is what you make it to be.

Then imagine:

  • A summer filled with fun, laughter, bonding, maturing – and hard work
  • A private setting-on campus-where only it's members can come and go
  • About 40 boys and girls, 15 years old, with 6-8 counselors
  • One boy’s cabin, one girl’s cabin, a log cabin living room, & a kitchen
  • Prepare your own breakfasts and lunches on site
  • Eat together with your Wilderness family every single meal
  • Enjoy the light and warmth of a campfire every night spent in the Wilderness unit


Wilderness campers take inspiring trips:

  • Three adventurous excursions
  • Trips are organized by the campers & staff
  • 200-mile round trip bike tour throughout NY state and Vermont
  • Backpack through Vermont's Green Mountains
  • Embrace your surroundings while canoeing on some beautiful lakes

Teens are fascinating people – we know what they like, and we serve it up for them.

How to really describe Wilderness?

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