Special Food

Food Allergies/Sensitivities/Restrictions

If your child has food related health issues, such as food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances, we can meet most dietary needs. Camp Chateaugay has accommodated almost every dietary need. Our camper’s food preparation is handled by our culinary staff, which has experience in preparing food for children with special dietary needs.

We plan the menu and training, with our head chef, to ensure we specialize in gluten free dietary meals, and most other dietary needs, such as:

  • Lactose intolerance
  • Sesame Allergy
  • Fish Allergy
  • Kosher style

We are both tree and peanut free.

The menu will include many camp favorites, minus your child’s food allergen or food that they need to avoid. The goal is to create meals for campers with dietary restrictions, so there is little difference between what is being served, and what your child is eating.

The following milk choices will be available: Cow’s milk, Lactaid, Soy milk, Rice milk, and Almond milk.

We strive to provide the safest dietary experience for our campers, so please contact us, so we can discuss your camper’s specific needs and determine if it would be safe for them to attend.