Professional Staff Training

Chateaugay Staff learn from Dr. Joel Haber 
The Nationally Known Bully Coach 

  • Clinical psychologist with 20 years experience concentrating on bullying
  • Positions at University of Alabama, Birmingham Medical School, White Plains Hospital and NY Medical College
  • Author of two books plus numerous articles
  • Features in The New York Times, CBS, ESPN, NPR and WABC radio
  • Three comprehensive studies of bullying at summer camps

Our Senior Staff Shares Their Rich Camp Chateaugay Experience

  • Everything supports a physically and emotionally safe summer
  • Our own staff passes on wisdom gained during many years here
  • Then we invite noted professionals to join the yearly pre-camp training agenda . . .

How We Prepare to Work With Campers

  • 5 days of head staff training before pre-camp begins
  • 8 days of intensive pre-camp staff training