Owners and Director

Dear friends,

People ask us, how did you decide to devote your professional lives to Camp Chateaugay?

For each of us, it was really quite automatic: We love the outdoors, we love working with children and teens, and we think camp is one of the best experiences a child can have – not only for having fun and for their physical well being, but also for priceless lessons that help them grow into mature and responsible adults.

That is why we do all we can to help form a tight camp community here every summer.

A little about each of us:

Hal Lyons (Co-Director)

Hal has a degree in education and was a former teacher. He began his camp career in 1978 and acquired Camp Chateaugay in 1989. He is incredibly dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe environment for  children to explore and experience the outdoors through new or much loved activities. He spends winters in Connecticut with his daughter Claire.

Mitch Goldman  (Co-Director)

Summer camp has been a huge part of Mitch’s life since he was a camper at Camp Chateaugay as a child and has played an integral part of his development as an adult. He came to camp through his mother who was a camper at Chateaugay in the 1950’s. So it would be safe to say that Camp Chateaugay runs in his blood. His affinity for Camp Chateaugay even stayed with him through his career in the entertainment industry as a film producer. During that time, he always stayed connected to Camp Chateaugay as the head of Chateaugay's alumni group. His vast experience in summer camping, his love of the outdoors and his commitment to enrich the lives of children all contribute to an unstoppable camp spirit that he uses to makes camp an unforgettable experience for the campers. He is thrilled that his wife Ashley is with him every summer as camp's head unit leader and their daughter Charlie has grown up knowing camp as  her summer home away from home.


We welcome you to our website and want to welcome you to our camp family!

It takes very dynamic people to set the standard of Camp Spirit that saturates Camp Chateaugay.