FAQ's About CIT's

Q: What exactly is a CIT?

A: A Counselor-in-Training. Some are campers who have "graduated" but can't imagine the thought of leaving camp. Others arrive for a first learning experience. They want to become leaders, build new skills, and have another summer of a lifetime.


Q: What kinds of people are they?

A: Energetic, enthusiastic, ready to set the standard for camp spirit.

Q: What are those skills that CIT's learn?

A: CITs receive extensive leadership and childcare training and experience, and are offered opportunities to become certified in first-aid and as a life-guard. They also choose one or more areas of camp where they will spend time learning and teaching with one of the talented staff members. They also learn to become caring bunk leaders.

Q: Is there anything else?

A: The CITs' camp experience and knowledge of traditions will shine and be recognized as they do all this:

  • participate in running evening activities
  • help with camp-wide programs such as Carnival Day and Olympic Day
  • help lead trips and coach sports teams
  • run campfires
  • and more

At the beginning of the summer the CITs decide on a challenging group project that they work on throughout the season. CITs play a key role at camp meals by occasionally serving food. This will give them a chance to work as a group, have fun and gain new experiences, while helping make the dining hall fun for the entire camp.

We believe that bonding together here as a "learning group" creates warmer and more durable friendships for young adults than one more summer on a teen tour, adventure trip, travel camp – or even a summer in Europe.

Q: Wow! Do CIT's ever get a break?

A: Don't worry! We remember that even CITs are only human. They will have daily scheduled free time, as well as a supervised day off every week. Once a week after a sleep-in, the CITs will hop in a camp van with their friendly and cool CIT directors and head for somewhere fun nearby like Plattsburg, Burlington, Lake Placid, Montreal or even the Great Escape for a day of yummy food, movies, shopping, roller-coasters and other activities. CITs will help decide the plans for these days off at the beginning of the summer. For additional information about the CIT program, please contact Mitch Goldman 954-540-5311 or Hal Lyons 860-350-8822.